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Intelligent Coast has determined that the defining factors of strategic leadership of innovative urban environments are:

This approach has taken the three Ts determined by Richard Florida (acclaimed urban studies theorist) in his thesis about creative cities, and added three more: Territory, Tourism and Time.


Time is 'intangible gold' in the contemporary society, from efficiency in its business management to freedom to organize our free time. To possess it, to enjoy it or to exchange it has become a challenge of quality of life for innovative societies. If there is an urban factor that defines efficiency and quality of life of the urban and coastal environment is the management of time. The average time of necessary journeys of people determines their degree of social cohesion and class integration.

In the age of the management of the efficiency of the resources, the public urban transport is becoming a sustainability target. The rejection of the use of the car, the promotion of the bicycle or shared cars, and the proliferation of interchangers of mobility are important to developing friendly environments. The management of time in the working day, the compatibility with the personal life and the possibility of adapting urban services to the new schedules far from the industrial systematization have turned the time factor into an urban excellence indicator.

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