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Intelligence for Coastal Territories

Intelligent Coast produces Strategic Urban Planning and Strategic Management of Coastal Destinations.

General objectives of Strategic Urban Planning (SUP) include clarifying the optimum urban model and working towards that goal, coordinating public and private efforts, creating synergies, adapting to new circumstances and improving living conditions of their residents and citizens .

A Strategic Urban Planning process is the definition of a city project that unifies diagnoses, specifies public and private actions and establishes a coherent mobilization framework for the cooperation of urban social actors. (Jordi Borja; Manuel Castells "Local and Global". 1998).  Today, intelligent territorial analysis is effectively confronted with information overload, however, at Intelligence Coast with apply GIS technology (inAtlas), which facilitates the management of a huge amount of information, which is a raw material that organizations must collect, sort and understand in order to optimize their processes of anticipation, innovation and decision-making.

  • Result Oriented Strategic Urban Planning and Strategic Management.
  • Action Plans. Master Planning.
  • Management of Implementation Phases. Investment Consulting.

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