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Mapping of Competitive Intelligence

Market / Territory / Company / Talent Analysis as Factors of Competitiveness

Spatial Competitive intelligence focused on defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing Intelligence about products, customers, competitors and any aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers in making strategic decisions for a public and/or private organization. The process of mapping the competitive intelligence analysis allows clients to discover spatial relations between socio economic indicators and the territory as a competitive factor itself. Creating and integrating a historical data base on companies and competitors performance allows us monitoring business competitive and helps our clients making real time decisions.

  • Mapping of Territorial Competitiveness. Local, regional and national governments
  • Territorial competitiveness for entrepreneurial initiative and investment;
  • Territorial competitiveness for creating, recruiting and retaining high skilled human resources (Talent);
  • Benchmarking & Best Practice Studies / Comparative analysis of case studies;
  • Progress Monitoring and predictive analysis
  • Mapping of Business Competitiveness. Companies and private groups
  • Companies Relationship Analysis
  • CLUSTERS Analysis;
  • Competitors Research & Analysis;
  • Business Networks Analysis;
  • Progress Monitoring and predictive analysis
  • Company/Market Relationship Analysis
  • MARKET Analysis;
  • Progress Monitoring and predictive analysis
  • Company/Human Resources Relationship Analysis
  • LABOUR MARKET Analysis;
  • Analysis and mapping of main areas concerning talent work places;
  • Education and Research Network Analysis;
  • Progress Monitoring and predictive analysis
  • Company/Territory Relationship Analysis
  • Institutional Networks Analysis;
  • Progress Monitoring and predictive analysis

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