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Knowledge Economy Urban Consulting

The battleground of international competitiveness in the 21st century is innovation, and urban environments are increasingly viewed as the cauldrons of innovation, enriching not only their surrounding regions but their nations as a whole. For urban planning to flourish and enjoy a sustainable future in this high speed, knowledge intensive, networked economy, it must perpetually evolve. This requires deep resources of human capital – highly talented individuals. This is the crucial asset that attracts firms, creates new levels of enterprise, and enables urban reinvention as it is buffeted by increasing technological, social and environmental pressures.  Intelligent Coast provides consultancy for new urban competitiveness policies, talent-oriented, for economic promotion programs inherent to the development of a knowledge-based economy.

  • Support for Regional and Urban Policies
  • Benchmarking and Best Practice Studies (European and International case studies)
  • Surveys / Polls (Preliminary & Secondary Research)
  • 6T Analysis (Territory, Tourism, Time, Technology, Talent, Tolerance)
  • Analysis of Territorial Models (economy, territory, landscape)
  • Analysis of Urban Tourist Models
  • Time Management Programs
  • Development of data bases and GIS map
  • Research, Analysis & Development of Strategic methods for creating, attracting and retaining talent

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