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    Monitoring Urban Economy

    Register and monitor areas of high and low economic return, in relation to the different administrative territorial units designated by zones, blocks streets and plots of land.

    Decoding Urban Patterns

    Diagnosis of economic activity behavourial patterns and the phenomena of spontaneous formation of clusters.

    Mapping Urban Transformations

    Behaviour evolution in relation to contemporary transformations in politics, economy and urban environments.

    Developing Predictive Analysis

    Prognosis. Forecasting of desired and undesired consequences. New Opportunities.

  inAtlas is an online application that automatically generates real-time business intelligence, market intelligence, competitive intelligence and   predictive analyses.

  This application is based on the sophisticated integration and mapping of public and private data (market and business behavior,   environmental and infrastructural aspects, urban and economical policies) that are constantly, regularly and automatically updated. The   application also has the capability of providing sector and company specific customized competitive intelligence analysis, as well as   predictive analysis when historical data is combined.

  inAtlas stimulates foreign investment in urban environments due to a consistent increase in market knowledge, allowing public institutions to   accurately target distressed sub-economies, and greatly decrease business operation costs by facilitating much more informed decisions.

  inAtlas offers to private companies a real time control of the results of their strategies providing competitive intelligence analysis based on   the relations between companies, market, territory and talent availability.

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