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Intelligent Coast is a group of companies that provides services to public and private sectors in strategic planning and territorial competitiveness analysis. The group's main areas of expertise are: urban economy; tourism; new urban development and planning; and the impact of knowledge economy, creativity and talent on urban planning.

The Intelligent Coast Group helps to create attractive, productive, intelligent urban environments. We do this through education about tourism and urban development, strategic planning consultancy and assisting with the execution of plans.

Intelligent Coast Group consists of:

Intelligent Coast Production SL , an urban and tourism consultancy that specializes in research and development of strategic and progressive urban and coastal projects. Previous clients include several urban and popular tourism destinations in Spain, Italy, Mexico and Croatia.

Intelligent Atlas SL, the latest company of the Intelligent Coast Group that has been formed specifically for the purpose of managing the development, operation , sales and marketing of inAtlas, an application developed by Intelligence Coast that allows the user to easily extract real-time business intelligence (market and competitive) and analysis (market and business behaviour, environmental and infrastructural aspects, urban and economical policies) that is constantly, regularly and automatically updated.

Intelligent Coast AsociaciĆ³n Cultural (ASSC), a not-for-profit venture that produces research on coastal development and tourism. Its main aim is to develop projects of general management and design of qualitative coastal systems, through the advice offered by thinkers and experts of diverse fields.

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